Alternative to interface inheritance

I have been using interface extension in java seamlessly for years and never really thought about if it can be done different way. Recently I have experimented with an idea and it seems to be paying off. [Read More]

Layers of hell

Before reading this post, please read these two articles Your coding conventions are hurting you and The madness of layered architecture. If you understood them and agree with the point, stop reading now. I have nothing to add. Those articles are perfect. The reason I am writing another one is... [Read More]

Interface all the things

Every code you write has its cost. It is in form of potential error, of time that is needed to read it, document it and change it. Every line of code needs to pay for its own cost and add some extra in order to be profitable. Is adding interfaces... [Read More]

Domain objects rocks!

Today I am going to tell you a little secret. It must be a secret since almost no programmers seems to know about it. Modeling your code based on your domain is the key to maintainable codebase! [Read More]

Logger and Unit testing

Have you ever considered using logger as a tool for unit testing your components or even testing logging itself? There is my take on this topic. TLDR version: don’t do it. [Read More]

Spring proxies, interfaces and final methods

Bean loading and proxying is topic so basic that I am almost ashamed that it took me so long to solve the problem caused by a simple spring mechanism. Simple bean with one dependency was throwing NullPointerException when using this dependency event if it was injected correctly. How is it... [Read More]

Handling Hystrix timeouts

Hystrix is a perfect tool for handling communication with remote systems. One of the topics it covers for you is timeouts. But it might not be as straightforward as it may seem. [Read More]

Tips for TDD and unit tests

Test driven development is something so elementary for me I can’t imagine writing a code without at least some TDD. Learning TDD was very eye opening for me in many ways. Since then I try to help others “open the eyes”. Once I was asked to do a brief intro... [Read More]

Week notes #2

As I mentioned in previous week notes I will sometimes publish older notes. I started to get through my old notes a filter some interesting links. Here they are. [Read More]

Anemic philippic

Sometimes we spend so much time thinking how to do something that we stop thinking if we even should do it. The thing in this article is Anemic domain model. Philippic is defined as a ‘damning speech’ and in this post I would like to make some bitter comments against... [Read More]